Strong Potentials

Build upon them for education & career guidance and all your personal projects

We all have strong potentials from which our successes, performances and true motivation hail from.

What if you could find out what your strong potentials are,
what skills they translate into,
and learn how to tap into them when you need it most?

With a Potentials Assessment using the patented Potentialis® method, wisetoucan guides you in exploring and accessing these resources.

Because it is always a good time to make the right choice in life based on your strengths.

Validated by scientists

30 years of experience

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Educational Guidance

Explore studies, business sectors and narrow down job fonctions to capitalise on your strong potentials the most.

Your Career

Rely on your strong potentials for your next career move, if you're about to get back to work or want to reinvent yourself, become an entrepreneur...

Personal Development

Live a more fulfilling life by understanding where your strong potentials lie and how to use them in your daily activities or personal projects.

Curious about your own potentials ?

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How does a Potentials Assessment work?

Session 1

Using the Potentialis® method, wisetoucan guides you in the self-evaluation of your strong potentials with 16 short and spontaneous exercises, accessible to all. Meanwhile, you build your own Potentials Overview and fill-in your self-evaluation Log Book.

Assimilation - Reflection

You complete a set of guided exercises in order to reflect and assimilate the findings of session 1, and so you can continue to complete your self-evaluation Log Book. You start evaluating your life values and priorities in preparation of session 2.

Session 2

You receive your final Potentials Overview and Analysis Report. Taking into consideration your interests, values and personal situation, together we formulate meaningful and realistic career objectives or personal projects aspirations.

What they said


Doing an assessment with Juliette allowed me to put words on potentials I was not aware of.
Discover them allowed me to cross-check my previous and current experiences, isolate those that made sense, in connection with my strong potentials and understand why some of my professional functions didn’t suit me (they were considered « weak » potentials).
The potentials assessment opened my eyes to ways/functions I would not have thought before but today make sense.
Currently, I am testing one of these ways by online self-training and by volunteering in this sector.

Charlotte B.

My daughter Alix really enjoyed her sessions with Juliette! She was very satisfied with the method and the final report was amazing. It is going to help her a lot to chose her orientation after the French BAC. It has been a real eye opener on her personality as well as her potential in various field. I highly recommend this!

Véronique V.
Thibault G.

This potentials assessment with Juliette was by far the most unexpected and biggest eye-opening experience I have ever done in my life and it delivers actual applicable information.

After the first session with 3 hours of guided exercises – where at times I felt completely caught off guard – I couldn’t wait to get the results; and when it came through, the conclusion was mind blowing. First of all, Juliette – a person I had never met before in my life – was suddenly describing ME as if she knew me my whole life: how I think, see the world, things I like or dislike, my social behavior, my professional behavior… and so much more. At the same time, she also revealed aspects of my thinking process and my unexploited potentials. For the first time in my life, I feel like achieving my full potential is now within hands reach.

A life changing experience!

Thibault G.

As Jeremy’s parents, we were intrigued by the approach that Juliette had proposed for Jeremy and we were curious and open-minded about what it was about and how it could help him in terms of orientations and where his strengths lie. We would highly recommend this exercise as an fun and insightful tool for those who may be looking for an external view of their strengths and potential weak points.

Celine & Jeffrey S. - Jeremy’s Parent

Thank you Juliette for a very nice and insightful experience. I really enjoyed the exercises and the relaxed atmosphere you had created. I also appreciated greatly that the results were detailed and concrete enabling me to look at past experiences and current projects in a different way. Ultimately it has boosted my desire to rely more on my strong potentials!
It is a very positive and encouraging process and I highly recommend it.

Cécile B.
Jeremy S.

After talking to Juliette my mom thought it would be a great idea to take the Potential Assessment test to discover some of my strengths. I wasn’t sure about it but decide to give it a try after she explained it wasn’t like homework or an IQ test.

I had a first meeting with Juliette and she explained the whole process. The exercises were fun and I didn’t really see the time go by. I also had a few questions to answer when I got home and I sent them back to her. About a week later we met again, this time with my parents too (my choice) and Juliette shared the results. I liked that there were no right or wrong answers and it was a way to explore what things I might naturally be good at based on the responses I gave.

Jeremy S. - 15 y.o

Thanks a lot Juliette ! You did a really great job, I liked the personal work together and you know a lot about your work! Always the smile and you gave me a lot of tips to help me. Thanks and long life to your new company

Mélanie D.

Validated by scientists, researchers and psychologists, including Albert Bandura from Stanford University in 2007 in relation to his self-efficacy theory.

Teams of teachers, orientation coaches, psychologists and neuroscience researchers work on its constant update in line with latest studies and research publications.