Emotional Detox

Release stress & trauma and start Living

Do you feel something in your life is preventing you from being
your true happy and fulfilled self?
What if you could get rid of it, naturally and quickly?

Using the scientifically proven wingwave® method, I will help you clear out trauma, stress and negative emotions using induced Rapid Eye Movements. 

Muscle feedback tool – the myostatic test – is used throughout the session to identify stress triggers and assess intervention success.

Activating the two brain hemispheres through eye movements assists the body in “unlearning” unwanted stress responses thus creating new neurological pathway for health.

Helps alleviate and resolve:
– Fear & Phobia
– Anxiety & PTSD
– Emotional Issues: anger, impatience…
– Relationships Issues
– Allergies / Sensitivities
– Sleep / Eating disorders
– Chronic Diseases & Infections
– Physical Pain
– Procrastination, Low Self-Esteem, Lack of Confidence
– Children: Difficulty Sleeping, Bed Wetting, Behavioural Issues, Learning Difficulties


Noticeable results in 1-3 sessions only


No unwanted side-effects